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I go by Comet. I'm 20 and from CO. I enjoy Youtube, VGC Pokemon, writing, drawing, and anime. I post a lot of SJ stuff so be warned. I'll tag things as long as you ask me to.

Tags I appreciate: Trypophobia, The Creatures, Roosterteeth/Achievement Hunter, Fungi, Bees/Honeycomb

My half of a Naga trade with Squidbiscuit! That I basically had Allie coerce her into for me sobs

I just like chubby snake boys okay

Unfortunately I am only capable of drawing skinny boys though so he’s got a fatty fat tail to make up for it

Hope you like it!

Also that’s strawberry shortcake <:

posted 1 year ago @ 05 Dec 2012
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    Ah~! Oh my goodness~! XD I haven’t done an art trade in so long and all of a sudden I’ve taken on two. And BOTH people...